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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

Gambling Regulatory Specialist

Rohit Sharma 

Rohit Sharma is a distinguished Indian Gambling Regulatory Specialist, whose insights and expertise have significantly shaped the gambling regulatory framework within India. At the age of 37, Rohit has already established himself as an authority in the field, with a career that spans over a decade in the intricate and evolving world of gambling regulation.

Detailed Biography

Born and raised in New Delhi, the capital of India, Rohit was always fascinated by the complex dynamics of business and law. His early life in the bustling city, surrounded by diverse cultures and rapid development, sparked his interest in the regulatory aspects of various industries, particularly gambling, which was becoming increasingly prominent in India.

Area of Competence

Rohit's primary area of competence lies in understanding and navigating the regulatory landscape of gambling within India. He specializes in:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that gambling establishments adhere to all legal standards and ethical practices.
  • Policy Formulation: Aiding in the development of fair and effective gambling policies that protect both the interests of the public and the viability of the gambling industry.
  • Market Analysis: Studying market trends to understand the impact of regulatory changes and advising companies accordingly.
  • Consumer Protection: Advocating for measures that safeguard the rights and interests of consumers participating in gambling.


Rohit's educational background provided a strong foundation for his career:

  1. Bachelor's in Business Administration: Rohit pursued his undergraduate degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  2. Master's in Law: With a focus on regulatory law, Rohit completed his Master's from the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore. 
  3. Conferences and Seminars: Rohit has been an active participant in various national and international gambling regulatory conferences, such as the Indian Gaming Regulatory Seminar held in Goa in 2018 and the International Conference on Gaming Regulation in New Delhi in 2020.

Positions and Experience

Over the years, Rohit has held several key positions:

  • Junior Legal Consultant, LegalEase Solutions (3 years): Rohit began his career at LegalEase Solutions, a legal consulting firm based in New Delhi, where he worked on developing regulatory strategies for various sectors, including gambling. 
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager, BetIndia (4 years): Rohit then moved to BetIndia, a prominent online betting platform, where he was responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and engaging with policymakers. 
  • Senior Gambling Regulatory Specialist, Indian Gaming Federation (5 years to present): Currently, Rohit is with the Indian Gaming Federation, where he plays a crucial role in shaping policies and advocating for responsible gambling practices.

List of achievements:

  1. Developed Regulatory Frameworks: Rohit has been instrumental in developing several regulatory frameworks that have been adopted by various states in India.
  2. Advocacy: He has actively advocated for consumer protection and responsible gambling, influencing significant policy changes.
  3. Research and Publications: Rohit has authored numerous research papers and articles on the subject of gambling regulation, contributing to academic and industry knowledge.
  4. Awards: Rohit has been recognized with several awards for his contributions to the field of gambling regulation in India.

Rohit Sharma's journey as an Indian Gambling Regulatory Specialist is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and commitment to shaping a responsible gambling environment in India. His work not only impacts the regulatory landscape but also ensures a safer and more ethical gambling industry. As the gambling market in India continues to grow, Rohit's role as a regulatory specialist becomes increasingly vital. His unwavering commitment to his field makes him a respected and influential figure in the world of gambling regulation.